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1. Hoorah for Titan! We knew he could do it! We love him and you and are psyched about your opportunity. Go get em Di/ -Deb

Debbie A. - San Diego, CA

 2. Hello!!! Titey Tite...so nice to see you on the interweb haha! I have my paws, no wait, I'm human, my fingers crossed that all goes well with Guinness...if not, you can just eat them! Good luck

Robin L. - San Diego, CA

 3. We couldn't be more excited for Mr. Titan, a truly gentle giant. Congratulations on the title and keep up the great work on behalf of all of your 2-legged and 4-legged friends out there! All the best.

Ty, Robyn and Jester - San Diego, CA

 4. Ty-Ty!!! I miss you! I knew you were going to be large as we drove you home from Tennessee! You rested your head on my shoulder and i looked at those big 'ol paws. Congratulations on beating Gibson! He didn't stand a chance. xxoo ~Lori

Lori R. - Atlanta, GA

 5. Yo! Looking good Mr. T. Can't wait to see the official recognition you deserve.

Uncle Byron - Colts Neck, NJ

 6. i met titan and his owner at ocean beach..he is a beautiful and friendly dog and i had the honor of having my picture taken with him...

Mike S. - San Diego, CA

 7. Titan we are soooo proud of you! Congratulations!

Henry & Jezebel - Atlanta, GA

 8. We had the opportunity to meet Titan today in Del Mar for the surfing contest. What a blessing he is! Keep on inspiring Titan and friends!

Halie & Brooke - Escondido, CA

 9. After reading about you in the UT, I was so hoping I would get to meet you at Dog Beach and I did! You are truly a reflection of Diana's love and affection--you are a lucky, lucky boy! (Especially since you didn't eat her reading glasses!) Good luck with the Guiness World Book of Records!

Casey W. - Fallbrook, CA

 10. We were at the beach when we spied you and Titan. Do you remember us? Where's our picture? Are you going to put it on the website?

Linda & Robert - Santee, CA

Titan says: Hey Guys... thanks for showing me some luv! Your pic went up that night. Look in my Photo Galleries under the FANS section!

 11. Hi! We too had the fortune of meeting all 3 of you at Del Mar at the Surf Dog Competition (we're the ones who walked in with you from your car). What gorgeous fur kids! You are truly blessed and a blessing to them! Give them hugs from us and keep up the good work of educating people. Congratulations Titan!

Georgiana B. - Vista, CA

 12. Diana..What an awesome site you have developed for your magnificant canine family, with the star of the show being of course Mr. Titan. The gentleness they have is only a reflection of the beautiful woman who shares their lives...Thank you Diana for being YOU...

Roxanne & Tom - San Diego, CA

 13. Very, very cool. Very proud of my nephews and niece. Diana, all of your hard work and love for your "kids" paid off. We know you will do some great things under Titan's new title. Love ya, Sis.

Phyllis S. - Colts Neck, NJ

 14. Cool site Titan

Joe D. - San Diego, CA

 15. I just met Titan for the first time last Sunday. Went to dog park at Balboa with my daughter in law Cassaundra and her 15 wk old puppy, Jersey. Titan is beautiful and I was happy to love on him a a little while. Good luck with the Guiness record. Hope to see him and all the great dogs and human again! DeeDee

DeeDee O. - Lakeside, CA

 16. Thank you so much for allowing my friend & I the opportunity to love on you for awhile. I also appreciate how nice you & your friend were to us.

Trina Spells - Houston, TX

 17. Dear Titan- all of your and Ari's friends at Atlanta Pet Rescue are cheering for you! Please keep in touch with us even after you are a celebrity!

Atlanta Pet Rescue - Atlanta, GA

 18. It was a wonderful pleasure meeting you today Titan. I look forward to your many visits back to Petco. From me and all your friends at petco we love you!!!! And we love you too Ari, mustn't forget about you honey!

 Bobby M. - PETCO, San Diego, CA

 19. Thank you for taking the time to stop and let us spend a few moments with you in Hillcrest. Congratulations Titan..

Camela - San Diego CA

 20. Hello! Just wanted you to know how much I adore Titan. My boy Zion is a lot like him but shorter ;). I admire you for the good you will do with his WTD status. Keep putting out the good word for special needs dogs and everyone will understand why we love them so much.

Lisa - O'Fallon, IL

 21. We Love You Big Guy!

Susie Crawford - Lowell, IN

 22. good for you! i live with a lab/dane mix (titus). gentle giants with souls to learn from! bless you all and good luck. live long and enjoy life titan!

Rena - Coventry, RI

 23. Awww he is so cute! I wish I could have one!!

Erica Bush - Cullman, AL

 24. I have two Danes myself and love them dearly!! Good for Titan:)

Kathie McDonald, Farmington, New Mexico

 25. Saw a link to your website from a news article tonite that Titan was named World's Tallest Dog. Congratulations! Luv the site and one can see that he has that gentleness in him despite the size. For Diana, you are so blessed for helping these gentle giants.

Myra - Clovis, CA

26. I too have a special needs dog--a blind Basset mix. Our dogs are truly the special ones in a world of the so-called "normal" ones. They bring out the best in us. I also take in special needs rats & rabbits. We need to spread the word about these angels who are animals in disguise.

Susan - Winfield, KS

 27. Congratulations Taylor Clan! We are very proud of you and know you will do great things.

Gail & Miles - Stone Mountain, GA

 28. Congratulations Titan on being confirmed Guiness World Records tallest dog! So happy Diana to hear your wonderful news!

Ehlers Family - La Jolla, CA

 29. While the story I read was about Titan being the tallest dog, what impressed me was YOU...teaching your dog sign language and then how to signal by touch. So much love. Your dogs are truly blessed to have you. Good luck with your family!

Carol - Raleigh, NC

 30. I love your story! And i love your dogs! I think that what you did to adopt and provide a loving environment to these dogs is very touching and inspirational. I wish more people would do the same as you. just wanted to give you some props. Keep it up! Tell titan that "chuck says hi!"

Chuck - Chicago, IL

 31. What a beautiful story on your "family". I'm a huge animal lover, especially dogs. I saw your guiness world record story on yahoo! Maybe one day i will run into you n Titan on the beach in San Diego! That would be awsum!!

Sheldon - Irvine, CA

 32. What a sweet looking pack! Kudos for educating the masses about special needs dogs and the wonderful companions they make. Please give some lovin' to the pack from Walla Walla!

Caroline H. - Walla Walla, WA

 33. We have a dane as well named Scooby Doo..love the danes, they are exactly as your describe, friendly to all..

Jones Family - Justin, TX

 34. graceful giant... have a great life!!

RockRobb - Jakarta, Indonesia


LMOHARA - Carson, CA

 36. Diana, I love your idea of a transportable human and animal shelter!!! Please keep me on your e-mail list so I can donate a couple of dollars! I had three Great Danes and I have to say, after they passed away, my heart is so broken, I just don't think I could have another one. They are truly part of God's soul. I wish you and your beautiful Titan well. Please give him a hug and ear rub for me.

Johana - Riverside, CA

 Titan's reply: Thanks Johana!  We'll keep you posted on the plans for the mobile shelters. Rather than have anyone donate via Titan's page, what we plan to do is challenge those in a position to build these trailers to trick 'em out for charity and share the success stories so that others will be empowered to follow suit. We're already working on the plans for a prototype that anyone can use, but what's really gonna be cool is if we can get people interested in a little friendly design competition! Wouldn't THAT be great!

 37. I rescued a white pit bull three years ago & he looks alot like Titan, only shorter! His name is Taz. He weighed 45 lbs. & was about 2 years old when I found him & weighs 110 lbs. now. It took awhile to figure out that he was blind - he kept bumping into the furniture in the house. He doesn't let that stop him, keeping his nose in the air. He loves to ride in the car, anybody's car. He is friendly with everyone. We have to go to the vet tomorrow, though, because I think that he had a small seizure tonight for the first time. But, no matter, he will always be my cuddle bug. Looking at pitures of your babies made me smile. I just got my first digital camara & maybe I can figure out how to send a picture of Taz to you. I am 57 and disabled, so it takes me awhile to get with new technology. Thanks for sharing!

Mary - Kansas City, MO

 Titan's reply: Get cracking on learning that new technology, Mary, 'cause pretty soon we'll be posting information on how visitors to Titan's page can send in pictures of their dogs to be in a video promoting animal rescue. I'd love to include the before and after pictures of Taz!

 38. Just read your story on Yahoo and found the link to this website. What a great story. I have a dog myself and she's great! Good luck to you and your other 4 legged friends!

Savannah - Alaska

 39. Wow, What a blessed situation for you and the dogs Thank you for what you do for animals I too rescue. Horses and dogs, Hey heres a Halloween idea dress Titan up as a horse and you dress up as a jockey...If you do please put it on your web site I would love to see it. I will never get the priviledge to meet you Titan and your others but I'am proud to know there and your story...Titan thanks for the smiles and congrats on your record!!! Love you from Ohio Tracy

Tracy - North Lawrence, OH

 Titan's reply: Oh just you wait Tracy!... This year's Halloween pics will be posted to Titan's web site soon! LOL!

 40. HIP HIP HOORAYY TITAN..Congrats on being the # 1 tallest 'pooch' in the world.Your story warmed my heart,let a lone your pics of you and your family are so precious,my eyes teared up some. If you ever plan to visit the Chicagoland area,shoot me out an E-mail so I can meet you and your family.Thank You Diana for all you do for our 'lovable,family members' God Bless You All Always.

Abigail - Chicago, IL

 41. What awesome dogs you have! Only a special person could take care of a blind/deaf dog!

Mea - Indiana

 42. LOVE all the pics of your dogs-past and present! Bless you for rescuing all your dogs! Even though I myself don't know if I could do what you did (with the blind and deaf danes), I SALUTE YOU and all the others who have the patience and kindness to do the tasks it takes to raise a 'less than perfect animal'. The animals ARE perfect, it's the owners who are 'less than'. God Bless you, your friends, and ALL your 4-legged pals-past, present, and future!

Denise V - Wilton, ND

 43. Congratulations Titan!!! I read your story online and was very touched by it. You deserve all the recognition and love your receive.

Karen, D. - Columbia, MD

 44. Your dogs are awesome!!! They are such beautiful gentle giants. You are so lucky to have found these very special dogs, and they are very lucky to have found someone like you with such a big heart to give them both a forever home. It is hard to believe by looking at the pictures that both of these beautiful animals are both blind and death. It must be a challenge at times to communicate with them. It looks like alot of your friends also like big dogs too. The dogs all look at home on the beach, you must spend alot of time with them. The Halloween costumes were so cleaver. It looks like you REALLY enjoy your dogs, and they enjoy you to. I hope your dogs have a long and healthy life with you. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. They gave me a smile and made my day.

Georgia - Wichita Falls

 45. Way to go Titan! 8th Wonder of the World

JD Harmeyer - Wisconsin

 46. Great Picture! My niece had a dog that helped her because she was deaf. She worked with these dogs also in Florida. We have a Shiba Inu which is on our facebook page if you'd like to look it up.

Lenny - Hazlet, NJ

 47. diana, we used to see you and titan and ari at the great dane meet-ups here in the greater atlanta area and still remember handsome, sweet titan and funny, lovelable ari. we hope you're all doing well on the "other" coast and are so happy for ti-ti's BIG award! ;)

kelli and dustin naughton, with nala, 7yr old fawn dane

 48. We really enjoyed seeing Titan this morning on the Today show and we couldn't get enough of him. We decided to stop and see the rest of the family. We are hooked and will continue to visit. Congrats to Titan!!! Thanks. Us

Kris & Dawn White - Norfolk, VA

 49. This is a beautiful story...not nearly enough of sweet stories out there right now. Thanks for sharing yours.

Angela Russell - Memphis, TN

 50. Thank you for sharing. I loved your story. My husband & I have 5 rescue dogs that we have taken in & adopted. Last year we took in & adopted a 3 -4 month old puppy who had been kicked so hard that his left femur was shattered. We didn't know what to call him, but when we tried the name Scooter he seemed to accept it. We adopted this puppy & took him to a surgical specialist who rebuilt his leg and now this dog has the sweetest soul, & holds no grudges. Scooter went from not being able to walk to running like a dear. He has been a joy to have in our home and gets along well with our other adopted dogs.

Theresa, Washington Court House - Ohio

51.Congratulations on the Guiness Book of Records!....The last was a beautiful Dane named Gibson... you'll do him proud...

Chelsea & Shiloh - Coffs Harbour Australia

 52. What a great website, Thank you for sharing your beautiful family...W

Winston - Sheridan, IN

 53. What an angel he is! I could you eat him up! I can tell you love him, thanks for being a good doggie parent.

Diane - Oaklahoma City, OK

 54. Hello! Got this link through work from your Brother-In-Law. Your dogs are beautiful!!!!! So great to see them in a loving home. The best to you. Regards, Sandy - NJ

 Titan's reply: Thanks to all my East Coast family & friends for all the love!

 55. They are adoreable and so luck to have you. Keep up the good work. Teresa

Teresa - Gray, TN

 56. Love your site. Keep those pictures coming. Great achievement for Titan!

Connie- Escondido, CA

 57. Great story, good for you!!

Lynne Petermann-The Pooky Professor

 58. Congrats Titan!! From your white dane pals (The Twins) Jack & Jill xxoo

Jack & Jill - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

 Titan's reply: Glad to have some fellow white Danes on the site!

 59. Dog's that make it to a "Forever Home" are the best, and those who gave them up have no idea. You are the best, and your family is beautiful.

Sylvia S. - Olalla, WA

 60. Just saw an article on Titan in the paper and couldn't resist checking him out on the web. What a handsome dog you have!

Meg - Mesa, AZ

 61. What a wonderful thing you have done to take on two beautiful special needs dogs. Often, people wouldn't even take one, but you have 2 and they both appear to be flourishing in your care. God Bless.

Christina - Wichita, KS

 62. Congratulations to Titan on his win! I am so glad he's having his moment in the spotlight (how handsome :O) and at the same time bringing focus on the plight of other special needs animals who can and should be rescued. They too make a difference in the world and the people, like Diana, who are kind hearted enough to help them. Kudos! Juliana

Juliana - Lanham, MD

 63. What a wonderful friend you have in Titan... I, too am a huge dog lover and just seeing picture of Titan makes me smile :)

janet fahy - sugar land, Tx

 64. What a cute doggy! I'm so glad he and Ari found such a loving forever home with you. Congrats on the World's Record!

Susan C. - Chandler, AZ

 65. Congratulations, Titan! A friend of mine used to breed Danes (the right way!), so I'm in love with the breed. And you, Titan, are a miracle. These days, I'm doing cat rescue, but all dogs, especially Danes and St. Bernards, have a special place in my heart. Thanks to you and Diana for the inspirational story. Live long and prosper!

Jeanne Witt - Des Moines, Iowa

 66. Titan you are pawsational. Paws up to Ari and Diego too. Diana, God Bless you for taking in these wonderful kids and making a home for them. We need more people like you. Pet Momma

Ann Badilla - Gilbert, AZ

 67. Titan--Congratulations on your new title! I am a 3 year old BullMastiff, and I too have epilepsy. Thanks for raising awareness about pups like us who have special needs. You are my hero.

Bruno - NYC

 68. CONGRATULATIONS TITAN for making it into Guinness. WHAT a precious, GORGEOUS Dane! You all must be so proud! We live with a 160-lb 2 year old English Mastiff named D-O-G (dee OH jee), so we know just how wonderful living with a large breed member of the family is. God Bless and good luck to you all! :)

Jen Sahli - Charlotte, NC

 69. Just read your story on Yahoo, and this website. What a great and inspirational story, I had never even thought that these shelters would not let the Pets of people unhoused by natural disaster in also. Hopefully your article will galvinize people into action, and help others to become a great example like the one you are setting every day. Keep up the good work, consider me inspired by your and your pack's story and work.

Gary - Pittsburg, PA



 71. Titan made the Knoxville newspaper today, and I simply had to "virtually" meet him. What a awesome guy!! He sure makes my Golden Retriever look tiny :)

Debbie - Knoxville

 72. He is magnificent!!! What a blessing you have in Titan! He is quite a prince...and I wish you all the best of times in your journey together! :)

Debbie - Mesa, AZ

 73. I think it is wonderful that you have opened your home to 3 dogs in need. More people should help in fostering/adopting pets who need a second chance. Titan,Diago, and Ari fine examples of what a little love can do for an animal.

Tammy - Burlington, NC

 74. You owe me lunch!!! I always knew Titan would be bigger than Zeus, even as a puppy you could tell :) Congrate Titan on being named the "King"

Becky Corder - Atlanta, GA

 75. Congrats on World's Tallest Dog! Your family is beautiful! It is wonderful to see there are people with good hearts who want to help animals in their times of need. Please give them all big huggs and kisses from the East Coast!!!

Brandy - Binghamton, NY

76. Its always great to hear success stories! Congrats Titan!!!!! And congrats to Ari too! And lucky Diego who gets to share all of your milkbones!

Natalie - Kissimmee, FL

 Diego's reply: Thanks Natalie! Most people forget Mom also has a very handsome German Shepherd. In fact, I taught Titan everything he knows! BOL!

 77. Hi Deb & Titan.. What an inspiring young lady you are! And a wonderful story! Blessings to you all.................

Beth - Mesa, AZ

 78. I read your story and was very touched! :) God bless you and your precious dogs.

Jami Lin - Nesconset, LI, NY

 79. What a beautiful dog. I bet he is a real sweetie. You are a wonderful person to rescue him. We have a german short hair pointer that we love dearly. Dog people are the best people in the world!!

Debbie - Springfield, IL

 80. i truly enjoyed your web site. thank-u 4 your kind and generous spirit. not many would take in one pet with physical problems but u took in 2! god bless u!!!!!!!!!

Judy - Benecia, CA

 81. I found your website on AOL. The family is beautiful. Congratulations to Titan, the world's tallest dog and Ari, most beautiful female..2 years in a row. I would like to add Diego to that list and say the most handsome German Shepard. I have 4 dogs myself. Each one with a different personality, making life interesting and full of laughs. From one dog lover to another the world needs more people like you.

Peggy - Stony Point, NY



 83. God Bless You child. What a wonderful, heart warmimg story. Dogs and cats from shelters or rescues are wonderful pets.

Joy McAuley - Jessup, MD

 84. Congratulation's Titan it's heart warming to read such a great story , Your achievement is well deservered . Hope you and your adopted family have a GREAT life . Love From the Midwest

Denny - Sioux City, IO

 85. Congratulations on Titan's Guinness World Record. Love and appreciate your site, and your willingness to take in these 'special needs' dogs. We volunteer with Great Dane Rescue of North Texas and have many of the 'rare white Danes" come through the program. Like you and Ari, we fostered a white Dane for a while before deciding to add him to our gang. :>) Bitter sweet thought, as we lost him this past summer over the Rainbow Bridge.

Don Hardin - Dallas, TX

 Our Pack's reply: Kudos to you for volunteering at the shelter! We hope our site can help educate folks and help other pets. Remember folks... white Great Danes are special AND special-needs!

 86. I enjoy photo galleries......I love the site!!!!:-)

Tashera - Norfolk, VA



 88. I wrote and published a childrens picture book in rhyme titled "Dougie and The Dane" based on my Great Dane Chelsea who was a Harloquine dane that weighed 188 lbs.

George G. Zimmerman - Sarasota, FL

 89. Titan you are a beautiful dog and sounds like your new owners love you.

Michael Terry - Saint Albans, West Virginia

 90. Just looked at your photos in the Photo Galleries... You have such a lovely Family! The "babies" are precious!!! Congratulations on Titan winning the Worlds Tallest Dog.

Mark & Amy Yarmuth - Corunna, Michigan

 91. I just saw your article on AOL and it brought tears to my eyes. I just lost my 10 year old, fawn Great Dane, Topaz, 2 months ago. She was the sweetest, gentlest, "giant". Linda

 92. This story brought tears to my eyes. THANK YOU SO MUCH for adopting and keeping a dog that has special needs. I have two deaf dogs that I wouldn't trade for the world. You are an amazing inspiration & good luck to all of you :]

Tiffany - Indianapolis, IN

 93. WOW amazing I have and english blood hound named Jethro who is beyond his normal size .It is so sad that these big beautiful creature have to battle so many health issues ...I have been on a glutathione system for my own health issues and i said something to my vet about what i am on and he said it would not hurt Jethro at all ...I cannot believe the difference in him in just 6 weeks ... if you want to descuse this feel free to calll or email but i really felt i needed to reach out to you both with this amazing suppliment i found ....all natural Warmest Regards Dorothy

Dorothy - Frisco, TX

 94. Your babies are adorable. How fantastic of you to adopt the "special" ones. I have an 8 year old "special" human boy. It is amazing to watch people (or animals) that have to see and react to the world differently. The beautiful thing is, they don't know they are different. Thanks for sharing your story and photos.

Heather Lytle - Poulsbo, WA

 95. What a wonderful dog, and how good of you to adopt him, and giving him his "forever home", I rescue old dogs and they are such good pets, Congrulations on Titan's award,I hope he has a long and happy life.

Faye Hancock - Manchaca, Texas

 96. Your babies are beauitful. These's dogs say alot about you. You're a sweet heart. Thank you for the picture's; my heart hurt's for you for the loss of the other two. Congradulation's Titan!!!!!!!!

Tina Zalewski, Stratford, CT

 97. beautiful dogs!! What is even more beautiful is the way you care for them!!

Eva - GA

 98. Hooray for Titan. You are an awesome doggie & I'd love to meet you someday & just give you a great big hug!!

Lorraine R. - West Chester, PA

 99. Congrats to Titan on the Guiness award! God Bless you and your beautiful babies-Diego, Titan, and Ari! If it weren't for your heartfelt love and adoration of these beautiful furballs, where would they be? I love the pix-keep them coming, please! Special hugs to them -since we are so far away -from one who truly loves her 'furry' kids too, Sharon

Sharon & Sal - Hendersonville, NC

 100. Forgot to mention .....a BIG CONGRATULATIONS for making the Guinness Records. That must have been very exciting!! Keep up all the goodness you do!!

Tina Gray - Great Valley, NY

101. Congrats Titan! We too have a white great dane (Sammy), and he is our angel (and white eyed demon) also! Wishing you all the best!!!
Belinda & Rob - Mobile, AL

102. We are dog/cat lovers too! We have 1 yellow lab, 2 beagles (mom and daughter), and 2 cats. We had to send our beautiful chocolate lab of 12 yrs. over the rainbow bridge just this past summer. We lost him to lung cancer. We miss him, as does our yellow lab who was very close to him. This is a wonderful site. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you! Sounds like your pack is a very lucky group to have such a caring and dedicated owner. Good luck and enjoy what life brings!!
Tina Gray - Great Valley, NY

103. I have sent your website to my daughter and future son in law, they have a terrific Great Dane puppy that will be huge. He is already 7 months old and weighs in around 120 lbs. He is so much fun I love it when he comes and visits me (his Grandma) I really enjoyed your website. Titan is terrific!
mary naugher - Columbus, GA

104. Hi, Titan...I enjoyed your webpage Congratulations on the Guiness record. I hope you live a long, healthy and happy life!
Larissa - El Paso, TX

105. I love the pix of you and Titan. You don't look like master and dog, you look like two friends out having a good time! Adopted dogs are the best!
Ellie - Toledo, OH

106. What beautiful dogs you have. How lucky you are. Can't wait to get home to my boys..:( Give Titan, Diego, an Ari a big hello from Iraq!
Lisa, Baghdad, Iraq

107. What gorgeous dogs!! You have a heart of gold and it looks like your dogs do also:)
Lori - Onalaska, WI

108. I just love the photos of Titan & Friends! You guys obviously love them so much. I had an English Bulldog appropriately named "Girlfriend" because she was my girl - we went everywhere together! Congratulations to Titan who is also appropriately named - he is very handsome and Ari is just as beautiful! Go Titan!!
Kris Richards - Clermont, FL (West of Orlando)

109. I believe that dog and all animal lovers are the best people in the universe. Saw you and titan on the today show, outstanding. Ruth f

110. God Bless You and your babies, Animals have love and loyalty we should take a lesson from that

111. I am so touched by this web site ......Bless you dear one and your wonderful family.....They are our family !!! I have a pitt/lab and a Staffie Bull Terrior......Love my kids !!! :)
Arlene Angela Baruffi - Vineland, NJ

112. I'm 67 so I been around a long time. I must say you are my hero. And congratulations to Titan.
Kathleen - Hatfield, PA

113. What a wonderful site. Wonderful pets, wonderful person! I had a black and white for 9 years. He was the light of my life and I still call my new one, Ditto, Beau now and then. I have had dogs all my life but Beauregaurd was something so special. What an old soul he was. Good luck with all your endeavors. Please give them all hugz from me. You are all very lucky to have one another.
Maggie Collins - Simi Valley, CA

114. What a wonderful website! Titan & Friends rule!! Thank you so much for sharing. Titan remind's me of my dogs Simone and CoCo, although they were differentt breeds, its the positive affirmation of their existence and what they bring to our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Wadey - New York, NY

115. what a great story! i, too have a deaf white boy named jackson pinkerton. my daughter gave him to me when she moved out to keep me and my 100 lb germanshepherd dog, timmy, company! he and timmy are best of friends. jackson, or jaxie, is the sweetest soul! he has become a true farm dog!  he is learning his signs slowly but surely. even at 5 months, he is gentle and respectful of the other special needs animals on the farm! we are truelly blessed to be in the lives of these special animals! thank you, susan kendrick
susan kendrick - new gloucester, maine

116. Congratulations!! Love your pictures. My daughter and son-in law have a 2 yo Great Dane, (Blue) who we love very much. They are such "great" dogs. very lovable!
Ralph Taylor - Norfolk, VA

117. What a beautiful family!!! I had Danes when I lived with a guy that loved them. Although I no longer have Danes in my life, I remember just how snuggly and sweet they can be. God bless you for taking care of these special babies. Too many people give up on animals without understanding their needs.
Teri - Tampa, FL

118. Thank you for opening your home and your heart to such wonderful animals. Titan and his friends are not the only special ones, for it takes someone very special indeed to have the extra time, patience and understanding of what they need to make sure they have a life filled with love.
Katherine - Houston, TX

119. We used to raise Great Danes. They are great babies. Titan looks very huggable. We wish you happy times!
Terrell & Kathy Herbig - Raleigh, NC

120. What a beautiful family.......
Jeanmarie - Greenacres, FL

I love your site, thanks for sharing I miss my Dane her nam was Guiness. I had to put her down when sahe was 11yrs. old her back legs went. She weighed in at 140lbs. and stood over 6ft. What a joy, I will get another right now we have ankle nippers and an American Bulldog which I love the breed. Still want a Dane and more Shepards they were my dogs had them for years. thanks again enjoyed your pictures and your site
Annette Collins - Summerville, SC

Beautiful site for beautiful dogs. Saving the world, one dog at a time!
Maria - Windermere
, FL

What a truly magnificent dog you have! I have a beartiful pure white Pitbull named Iris who is a rescue. This poor dog, before she adopted me, was used as a breeder of fighting dogs. Her vet thinks that she was made to have about 14 litters. When she stopped letting the male mount her, she was beaten and kicked and left todie. She then spent 2 years in the animal shelter, adopted and brought back 4 x's. I just can't understand why, when she is the most loving, obedient, and loyal dog I have ever met. The only thing about her is that she is deathly afraid of dark skinned people and will moan and shake and press into me at the sight of them. So sad....After thinking about all the babies she lost, I bought her a puppy of her own, Fia, a black Pomeranian, and then Timber, a smaller Pomernian. She was in her glory and the three of them are inseperable. Both Poms were from rescue groups. I am sending everyone I know the story of Titan and I wish you a happy life. You go boy!!!!!!
Lisa doesburg - Amsterdam, NY

Congrats to Titan, and the family, on this wonderful award. If you are ever in NJ to see your sister we'd love to met you and Titan, and request a photo taken of my tiny 5 lb chihuahuas with Titan.
Sandy von Pier - NJ

God bless you and all your angels! Titan is adorable!!!!
Enid - Key West, Fl

My aunt also has a white great dane! Im so glad that Titan & friends are getting the recognition they deserve!
Daina T. - Pennsauken
, NJ

Thank you so much for your wonderful care of these gorgeous animals... and thank you for telling the world that rescued animals are not second class or problem animals but loving souls just looking for a couch to lay on.
Diane D. - Pensacola, FL

128. Congrats on your new Guinness record. After looking at your photo gallery, I am a bit envious of you and all your pooches. Looks like you're living life to its fullest. Thanks for sharing.
Carol MacLean - New Brunswick, Canada

129. I can see why you would have fallen in love with this big adorable dog.
Sharon - Asheboro, NC

Hey there...Just wanted to say I love your website. And of course congratualtions to Titan! I think it is awesome that you do all these great things for your dogs. I love seeing people treat their pets as family members...because they are. They bring so much joy and deserve the accolades. Keep up the awesome work and give each of your doggies a hug for me. They are truly wonderful (like their owner.) God Bless!............................................................Brian
Brian Fike - Medford, NY

Wonderful dog, great site. Good luck, and may God bless Titan and family, and friends.
Joan, Orange Park, Fl

The danes ARE beautiful, the shepherd, magnificant. And you, ma'am, are God's gift to dogs.
Cecile - Broussard
, LA

I just wanted to tell you I cried (not in sadness but in joy) as I read about Titan and his family. I am so glad to hear that someone has made a difference in his life. He (and your other dogs) are beautiful! I am glad to know that there are others out there that want to adopt and take care of special needs dogs. I adopted a white deaf boxer this past spring. I already had a huge white lab (family gift), a mini dachshaund (took in due to owner going thru divorce), jack russell/mountain feist (was headed to pound) along with 3 horses. Lily, my deaf boxer found me. I felt I didn't have room for another dog but a lady almost 2 hours away spoke to somoeone, who contacted someone, who called me (I am known to be a softie for animals and children in need). I had planned on fostering her until a home could be found due to no more room, limited finances, and not knowing sign language. Lily was deaf, had severe anxiety issues, and cowered around strangers. I drove 1 hr 30 min to meet her. As soon as the owner brought her to the front yard she ran to me and jumped on my lap. Needless to say I brought her home and she has never left. Of course we did lots of play therapy and work with her. She was so scared of everything including the other dogs, would not walk up steps, thru doors, ran from everything, and did not even know what toys were. Now she greets everyone who visits, is owner of all the toys, plays with the horses, runs faster than the other dogs, and leaps like a deer when running up steps. I spent hours looking online at "dog sign language." And ya know I didn't even to learn sign language. She understands the same hand dog signals the other dogs use and listens better than my hearing dog. I am so thankful that you are telling others about special needs dogs. I have added a page on my Facebook page about Lily and deaf boxers. People buy these "rare" dogs only to learn they are deaf, deaf and/or blind, or have health issues. they then neglect and/or abuse them or send them to the pound to be put to sleep. We need to educated others about these wonderful angels who come to humans like us who need them. There is a special place in Heaven for you and Titan!!
Tammy Franklin - Vale, NC


134. I saw the story on aol.com! He is sooooo cute! I am sooo sorry that he is deaf and partly blind but he is a great dog!!!! I also have a great dane but not as big as titan. Titan is a cute name for a dog. mine`s name is delana! Well tell Titan that I said HI!

I saw Titan on the Local News, they only told a short 15 second story on him and I said to myself "Wow that is one beautiful Dog" and then 10 min later I saw Him on Conan and wow that is the cutest Dog I've seen on TV what a Beauty.
Ralph - Long Beach, CA

Hi. I have a catahoula mix, Binny, who is blind, and I would appreciate any advice you might have about communicating with her. she barks for no reason I can figure, and she does not come when I call her. She's gotten out several times via holes my other dog has torn through the fence, and instead of staying in familiar territory, she wanders off, and I would have lost her if not for some wonderful neighbors. Her brow is constantly wrinkled as if she is worried about something. She loves me but I am not sure I'm giving her everything she needs. Also, as an aside, I also have a white half-pit/half boxer, Buster Pitt, who has one brown eye and one blue eye but is not deaf or blind. He was a foster I could not part with. so I know how you feel about Ari. Thank you for putting up the website. It's great!!
Mary Stagg - Baton Rouge,  LA

137.  You are a wonder Titan and you have a great mommie. You truely are one of Gods Children, all of you. Your idea to start up something for families with pets is one of the best ideas I have heard in my life, I know I would sleep outside with my dogs, all 4 of them if so one would allow them in a shelter. I hope that you see your plan through. I too have 4 rescued dogs, one of them, Bobby Brown is blind in one eye, you would never know it, he is the guard dog, my other three are girls and they all belong to him, he takes his responsability very serious. My hat off to you for taking the time and patience to love Titan and tomake him such a great friend to so many people....you are very special.
Gloria - Seattle, WA

138. I saw the story about Titan on our local news website. Very beautiful dogs. Best wishes for a long and happy life for Titan
David Fattu - Phoenix, AZ

I grew up with Great Danes and it's such a pleasure to see someone who appreciates the breed as much as you do. They truly are the Gentle Giants everyone claims them to be. I had a Dane myself, when I was a child, and he was probably the closest friend I ever had. Titan and Ari are simply beautiful and it takes a very special soul to take a special needs dog in, never mind two! Blessings to you and your little (big) pack. I wish you all the best of luck.
Deanne Foster, - Spotswood, NJ

140. Titan is beautiful!!! He looks just like my dane Zeus who passed over The Rainbow Bridge several years ago!!!
Jenny - GA

Congrats! They are amazing animals!!! I lost my 9 year old harlequin Holly Golightly about a month ago to bone cancer. What a blessing yall are to each other!!!!
Meredith - Fernandina Beach, FL

Dear Titan & Diana, Congratulations on your exciting world record! I saw you on television today. Titan reminds me of my deaf & visually impaired, Great Dane, Aspen, who recently passed away...just 1 month shy of her 12th birthday. We adopted her when she was 7 months old from the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc. (www.magdrl.org) I'm the owner of Thankful Paws Donation Coats & Apparel. We have apparel for deaf, blind, deaf & blind dogs and their owners and many other products. (www.thankfulpaws.com) We have designs for Owners of Rescued Dogs, Deaf Dogs, Blind Dogs, Deaf & Blind Dogs and Senior Dogs. All the best, Jody Cohen Thankful Paws Donation Coats & Apparel
Judy Cohen

**More to come!

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