Titan & Friends

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Titan's Story Page 2

I first met 'Duchess,' a female deaf Dane, on a visit to Atlanta Pet Rescue.  Hard to believe someone wouldn't want this pretty girl! Most likely her previous owner turned her in to the local shelter when he discovered the 'rare' white Dane the breeder sold him was actually a special dog with special needs.

 Hesitant to add a third dog to my Pack, I offered to foster Duchess to teach her sign language. But after a week she'd grown on me, Diego and Titan.  so much that I decided to make her a permanent member of our family... and name her Ari.

While Titan was an easy 'child,' Ari was a handful! But after several months of training, patience and of course the expected frustrations Ari went from 'White-Eyed Demon' to a well-behaved Supermodel who was named the Most Beautiful Female Dog in San Diego two years in a row!

And that rounds out our Pack.


Even before Titan's quest for the gold we lived an ecologically friendly, socially conscious life filled with humanitarianism and fun - and we invite you to come along for the ride.

Visit Often. Leave Happy. 

 Diana, Titan, Ari & Diego

(and Dante & deSade from the Rainbow Bridge)

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